Profile Projector

Standard Features :

Compact, Light Weight, Table Top with easy operations.

250mm diameter screen with 90° cross line and chart holders.

Screen Graduated to 360° with vernier reading 6 minutes.

Projection Light Source with 24v / 150w Halogen Lamp.

Double Oblige LED Light Source for Surface Illumination

Two Adjustable Diachronic Reflector Lamps 12v / 100w each.

Focusing can be adjusted manually by hand wheel.

Optical Distortion below 0.15%.

Objective Lens Magnification : 20x

View Field diameter (Contour & surface illumination) : 25mm

Working distance : 60 mm

Cooling by built-in-noiseless and vibration free fan.

Input Voltage 220v through low voltage transformers.

Supplied complete with operating instructions manual.

Specifications :

Table Size : 125 X 125mm

Effective Table Area : 110 x 110mm

X-Y Range : 25 x 25 mm.

Measuring Unit : Standard Micrometer Heads 0-25mm

Resolution : 0.01mm

Rotary Measuring Stage : 360° graduated with vernier 6 minutes.

Stage Glass : Diameter 62mm

Maximum Work piece Height : 100mm

Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 86 cms.

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