Oxygen Index apparatus is used for determining the minimum percentage of Oxygen required to just support flaming combustion of a material at room temperature in FTA mode or at Higher Temperature (up to 400oC) in HFTA mode.

The sample is burned in the mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, and the percentage of oxygen required just to support the flaming combustion is recorded through an imported Oxygen Analyzer, which gives direct oxygen readings.

Direct Readout of Oxygen percentage on an analyzer using Galvanic Sensor Oxygen Analyzer oxygen sensor at high accuracy of 0.1 % resolution.

The apparatus also has a double walled test column of flame resistance glass of 75mm dia suitable for testing different size of samples in FTA or HFTA mode.

A digital temperature-indicating controller provided with the instrument controls the temperature for HFTA mode.

The instrument is manufactured as per  the ASTM specification and also confirms various other international standards.

The instrument comprising of:-

  • RTD Sensor.
  • Ignition Torch.
  • Flow meters and valves.
  • Sample Holder with hanger.
  • Digital Temperature controller.
  • Readout for Oxygen (Digital Display)
  • Galvanic Sensor Oxygen Analyzer.
  • Readout     for     Temperature      (Digital Display)

Double walled glass test column with heaters.

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