Industrial Kelvin double bridge

Variable Standard Resistance- 10
Steps of 0.01 ohm divided onto 500
equal parts
Multiplying Ratio- 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10 and 100   Total Range- 0.2 micro ohm to 11
Current- Upto 5 Amp continuous and
10 Amp. Intermittently.
Accuracy- ± 0.05% or ±1 slide wire
division whichever is greater.

Digital Heavy DC Source

Digital D.C Source Matching units Variable Standard (Kelvin Double Bridges), which eliminates  the use of high Current batteries. Range: Current Continuously adjustable 0 – 10 Amps. This instrument is economical, Easy handling, No maintenance, has life long Robust and light Continuously variable Mains operated.

Electronic D C Null Detector

Electronic D C Null Detector – Latest new technology, conventional Galvanometer. Robust I.C. Circuitry. Easy and simple to use. Overload protection. Mains operated.
It has replacement of Spot Reflecting Galvanometer.
Suitable for Industrial Kelvin Double Bridge.

Conductivity Attachment

Conductivity Attachment Made of polished heavy Wooden base. Suitable for Industrial  Kelvin Double Bridge. Size: 100 cms But we do have various different sized on demand for various  type  of Conductor test/film or any thin wire.
Note: We provide teller made Sample Test Unit.

Our spot reflecting galvanometer of low resistance is recommended to be connected to terminals marked “GALVO” on the bridge. It operates on 220 volts A.C. mains. The coil is set free by turning the pointed knob in the “FREE” position. The spot of light is set   in the center of scale by using the zero adjuster. While finding null point with the galvanometer, use initially higher shunt power of 1/1000, 1/10. As null point approaches, the position “1” should be used. At this position of shunt, the galvanometer sensitivity maximum.  

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