Hot Set Test Apparatus

Laboratory Hot Set Test Apparatus is designed to determine the Elongation & permanent set of insulation of electric cables under specified conditions of load, temperature and airflow.

  • A double walled cabinet with inside chamber of stainless steel and outside of mild steel duly painted inner dimensions of the chamber are 30 cm x 50 cm x 20 cm (W x H x D). The door is fitted with a full view glass to observe the specimen under test.
  • Temperature Range of oven is Ambient to 300 + 3ºC at sensor point. Controlled by Digital Temperature Indicating Controller. The test requirement as per IS: 7098 is 200 + 3 º C.
  • The oven is designed to give 8 – 20 air changes per hour. The air inlet is provided at the bottom in such a way that air flows over the surface of test pieces and leaves near the top of the oven. An air flow meter (Rota meter) is fitted to control and monitor the airflow rate. The Air Compressor is available as optional item.
  • Grips are provided at the top of the oven to hang two specimens. For each sample a set of suitable weights up to 1 Kg are provided with provision to attach the weights to one end of the test pieces. For measurement of elongation one dial gauge of 50 mm travel is provided which enables the operator to read elongation directly on the dial gauge from outside without opening the door, i.e., by keeping the temperature, air flow conditioning same. The dial gauge can be mounted on any of the two – sample position.

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