Hot Rolling Machine


For preparing test sample from two or more materials, they have to be mixed homogeneously. The Two – Roll Mill with its two heated rollers, rotating in different directions, at slightly different speeds is an ideal machine for such a work. Using Hydraulic Hot Press, Dumb-bell Dies etc, can then obtain the test samples from the sheet. Two – Roll Mill is available in two models – one for PVC Compounds and other for PVC/Rubber Compounds with heavy-duty motor & water-cooling arrangement.

The Hot Rolling machine consists of following:

  • Spatula for mixing the compound.
  • Forward \ Reverse Switch and power cord.
  • One 440 V – 3 phase. Motor with gear assembly for rotating the rollers.
  • Water-cooling arrangement. Separate water tank and motor is provided for the purpose.
  • Two Energy Regulators for heating control – one for each roller. Heating by especially designed ā€œUā€ shaped heaters.

Two rollers mounted on a sturdy frame, rotating in different direction at slightly different speeds. Normal roller Size 6ā€ dia, 12ā€ Length.

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